Traditional Counselling

Receive one-on-one, couples or family counselling geared to address specific issues and concerns.  Methods of counselling are grounded in education and research.  The theories and systems I use include Bowen family systems, cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, humanistic therapy, and more. These sessions are claimable through health benefits. $100


Intuitive Counselling

These sessions are grounded in spirit.  In these sessions I act as conduit or medium between you and your energy and guidance system (higher self and what I call energy fields, your guides and passed loved ones) to offer insights to behaviours, life circumstances and more.  $100


Integrative Counselling

I utilize both my intuitive abilities as well as my traditional counselling background to work with you to find and address issues and concerns in your life. Claimable through health benefits.  $100


Energy Work

This mode of counselling is an approach in which Lori Vidak, energy healer, and myself intuitively identify concerns within the physical and subtle bodies. From a holistic perspective we work together to address aches, pains and other medical/emotional concerns by working with your unique energetic levels. $120


All Sessions are 50 - 60 minutes