Integrative Counselling

I utilize both my intuitive abilities as well as my traditional counselling background to work with you to find and address issues and concerns in your life. I work from a holistic framework; I view the person as physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. When you work from this perspective no two sessions are the same! My expertise include highly sensitive people, personal growth, grief, depression, and anxiety. Techniques used include intuitive reading, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), visualization, mindfulness, dream analysis, and more. Claimable through health benefits.  $100


Energy Work

This modality is an approach in which Lori Vidak, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and myself intuitively identify concerns within the physical and subtle bodies. From a holistic perspective we work together to address concerns by working with your unique energetic levels. This is not claimable through health benefits. $160


All Sessions are 50 - 60 minutes