Sarah Sand

Before I describe my life as a counsellor, I have to begin with my family. I am the mother of two beautiful souls and have the pleasure of living life side by side with my husband and best-friend, Ted. Having a strong family life has always been grounding and extremely important to me and my practice. I am a registered counsellor; I obtained a BA in social work from the University of Regina and currently working on completing my Masters in Social Work. I have been working with families since 2006 and enjoyed working as a counsellor, but a piece of the puzzle was missing. I felt that I could assist clients in a better way. 

In 2011 I had my world shook when I dove into the world of self-help and then further into spirituality.  I felt like I had found the missing component and in doing so, my spirit. An interest in spirituality led to the discovery of my abilities of communicating as a medium. This journey was challenging and rewarding.

Today, I merge my work as a medium and as a counsellor to become an integrative modalities counsellor.  I have found that by using a multi-disciplinary approach I can assist clients more efficiently in the therapeutic process. I am so very grateful to be able to use these abilities to both walk with clients on their life path and teach others how to access these abilities in themselves.