About me…well that is a challenging one. I am body, mind (thoughts and emotions), spirit, a little spicy, and who knows what else! ;)

I am the mother of three beautiful souls and a partner to my husband and best-friend. Having a strong family life connected to specific values is important to us. These values such as cooperation and gratitude for example allows us to live a more whole and connected life. Which is what we began working on shortly after our oldest was born.

Shortly before her birth, I went through a shift when I dove into the world of energy psychology and Indigenous thought.  This process was challenging as growth can be, but the deeper degree of freedom through self discovery is well worth the pain! This first step allowed me to find a deeper part of myself and uncover the abilities of communicating as a medium. (that is a VERY short version of the process!)

While obtaining my master’s degree I began my private practice and shortly thereafter I began merging the abilities as a medium with counselling and found this approach to be successful. After practicing by myself for a few years I began Shift Inutit which is a counselling practice that connects clients with practitioners who practice from a wholistic framework.